About Us


JK NNI News was established in May 2007 by Shakir Kuchay it reports on global developments and indian perspectives. JK NNI brings viewers not only the latest news but also the stories behind the headlines. the new service is complemented  by an online presence at jknni.com and social media service like facebook, whats’app twitter,you tube. JK NNI news service other key business is the production of news and current affairs.

JK NNI service symbol reads as a blue letters JK in order to heighten the work Jammu and Kashmir in its name blue was chosen as the symbol color because it represents stability, trust, confidence and white stands for innocence and light.


Viewers today are overloaded by information often what they need is not just news but understanding not just events of the movement but issues which affect there lives, not just headlines but the bottom line not just another perspective from a distance but insights from the inside