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Now treating diabetes might be as simple as soaking in sunlight !


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Diabetes is one of the common diseases around. It occurs when pancreas, a gland behind stomach doesn’t produce enough insulin or if the body cannot use insulin properly. According to a study published in the journal Cell, vitamin D can treat damaged beta cells in our pancreas, that produce store and release insulin.

This finding has resulted in a new approach to treat diabetes. The study found that vitamin D receptor is crucial for the survival of beta cells. The absence or dysfunction of beta cells means that our body cannot produce insulin which will control your blood sugar. So the bottom line is, hold on to your vitamin D and get them from every source. Your third standard biology would have taught you that sunlight is an abundant source of Vitamin D, so if you’re diabetic, you have a good reason to soak in early morning sunlight.
The study however says that it is hard to protect beta cells with vitamin D alone. But the researchers are trying to make use of this connection. Zong Wei, a research associate at Salk and first author of the study published in the journal Cell, said “This study started out by looking at the role of vitamin D in beta cells. Epidemiological studies in patients have suggested a correlation between high vitamin D concentrations in the blood and a lower risk of diabetes, but the underlying mechanism was not well understood. It’s been hard to protect beta cells with the vitamin alone. We now have some ideas about how we might be able to take advantage of this connection
So if you are someone who spends a lot of money in diabetic treatment, perhaps you should include more Vitamin D rich content in your menu and also give yourself sometime soaking in the sunlight.

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