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Sugar can help in treating poor-healing wounds, says study

JK NNI NEWS PTI New Delhi: While sugar is normally associated with health issues like diabetes and obesity, a joint study by researchers from UK and Pakistan has revealed that some sugars can also help treat poor-healing wounds like diabetic and chronic ulcers in elderly people. The research found that sugar can help in new blood vessel formation, also known ...

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Scientists develop artificial cartilage from Kevlar

JK NNI NEWS PTI Washington: Scientists have developed an artificial cartilage from Kevlar – a material used for making bulletproof vests – that can withstand forces within the body without getting damaged. Cartilage in the human body, which is about 80 percent water, can withstand some of the toughest forces in our bodies. “We know that we consist mostly of water ...

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World’s first gene editing experimented in human body

JK NNI NEWS ZEE MEDIA New Delhi: In a first, scientists from the United States have tried gene-editing on cells inside a patient in California. 44-year-old Brian Madeux from Arizona, was given the experimental treatment to try to correct a defect in his DNA that causes Hunter’s syndrome, in which patients are born without the genetic instructions for an enzyme that breaks ...

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Energy drinks may affect mental health, up blood pressure

JK NNI NEWS IANS New York: Are you in the habit of taking energy drinks that are commonly known to provide instant mental and physical stimulation. Beware, their short-term benefits can be outweighed by increased risk of serious issues affecting mental health, blood pressure and obesity, a new study reveals. The energy drinks — high on sugar and caffeine levels ...

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Watching TV for too long harmful for health, may increase blood clot risk

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR New Delhi: Watching television for too long can increase the risk of developing blood clots two times, warn researchers. The findings showed that risk of blood clots in the veins of the legs, arms, pelvis and lungs known as venous thromboembolism or VTE increases with the amount of time spent watching television even if people ...

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Lungs of donors over 60 years safe for transplantation, says study

JK NNI NEWS WEB DESK New Delhi: A new study suggest that using lungs from donors who are over 60 years of age is a viable option and can significantly address the scarcity of lungs for transplantation, “The availability of suitable donor lungs for transplantation continues to be a major obstacle to increasing the number of lung transplants performed annually,” ...

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Treatment to cut brain injury in newborns identified

JK NNI NEWS WEB DESK New Delhi: A team of researchers has identified a treatment to reduce brain injury in newborns who have suffered hypoxia-ischemia, a serious complication in which restricted blood flow deprives the brain of oxygen. Consequences of brain injury resulting from oxygen deprivation affect the entire lifespan and range from mild (learning disabilities) to severe (inability to ...

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Men are more prone to diabetes than women, reveals study

JK NNI NEWS PTI New Delhi: Men are more prone to diabetes than women, a retrospective data analysis has revealed. Diabetes is considered to be a silent killer by medical professionals across the world. Even a single symptom reflecting the onset of the disease is a cause for concern. It is a disease that could be hereditary and can also ...

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Chinese scientists identify genetic pathway in ageing

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR PTI Beijing: Chinese scientists have found the first genetic pathway underlying natural variation in ageing, which could provide insights for developing interventions to slowdown the process of growing old in humans, state media reported today. The scientists, studying a worm, found that the combination of a certain neuropeptide coding gene and its receptor gene controls ...

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This vaccine may prevent childhood respiratory disease

JK NNI NEWS IANS Sydney: Researchers in Australia have found that the vaccine that protects against cancer-causing types of human papillomavirus (HPV) also prevents an uncommon but incurable childhood respiratory disease. The findings suggest that the chronic and difficult-to-treat condition, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, is disappearing in Australian children as a result of the nation’s highly successful HPV vaccination programme. “This ...

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