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The Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World 2017

JLK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR Buying a fast car today is shockingly easy: in top V-6 spec, even the stolid, workaday Toyota Camry will hit 129 mph—and that’s an electronically-limited top speed. But, like the difference between your self-professed Crossfit “athlete” friend and, say, an Olympic wrestler, it’s one thing to be ready for an autobahn sprint at a moment’s notice and ...

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The 8 Most Dangerous Rivers In the World

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR Rivers are some of the most unpredictable forces of nature. They provide a source of livelihood and transportation to the people who live around them, but these same rivers that give life, security and wealth can also take it away. Whether it’s because of flooding, untamed wildlife or dangerous gorges and ravines, safety in rivers ...

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10 Most Dangerous Roads around the World

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR We’ve scoured the web to find the most dangerous roads you can drive. These roads have high death rates and are extremely dangerous. The people who live around these areas depend on these roads for their daily transportation; so consider yourself lucky. About 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents every year. The World Health Organization has ...

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The 10 Most Important Dinosaur Facts

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR Dinosaurs Weren’t the First Reptiles to Rule the Earth The first dinosaurs evolved during the middle to late Triassic period, about 230 million years ago, in the part of the supercontinent of Pangea that now corresponds to South America. Before then, the dominant land reptiles were archosaurs (“ruling lizards”), therapsids (“mammal-like reptiles”) and pelycosaurs (typified by Dimetrodon), and for 20 million or ...

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15 Interesting Facts About Louvre Abu Dhabi You Might Not Know

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR The Louvre Abu Dhabi on Wednesday announced it would open its doors to the public on November 11. Here are some key figures: 1. The museum is built on a 97,000 square metre site on Saadiyat Island, a low-lying island 500 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi that is the site of a number ...

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16 Totally Normal Phobias You Didn’t Know Had Names

JK NNI NEWS RFIA BASHIR 1. Anuptaphobia The fear of being or staying single. You know, like, forever. 2. Athazagoraphobia The fear of being forgotten, ignored, or abandoned. This phobia has a theme song. 3. Blennophobia A fear of slime. Watching old episodes of You Can’t Do That on Televisionmight be just what the doctor ordered. . Gelotophobia The fear of being ...

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Bizarre Cultural Practices Still Carried Out Today

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR Some are taboo, some are cringe-inducing, some are downright revolting, and all are extraordinarily bizarre. From the weirdest things we put in our bodies to the weirdest things we lop off our bodies to the weirdest things we do with our dead bodies, here are seven of the strangest cultural practices from around the world ...

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Ancient Punishments That Didn’t Fit The Crime

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR One of the ways a civilization can be judged is by its justice system. While there’s still a lot of debate on whether or not the death penalty is an acceptable punishment for any sort of crime, we can all look at some ancient laws—and their punishments—and agree that they’re a bit too harsh. There’s ...

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Lesser-Known Facts About The Ancient World

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR When most people hear about the ancient world, they automatically think of Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia, China, and other great empires from the past. Many are aware of the fact that Ancient Greece gave birth to western philosophy, theater, democracy, and the olympic games. They’ve heard that the Chinese invented paper and gunpowder, and ...

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Interesting and Weird Fun Facts that you should know!

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR If you eat a polar bear liver, you will die. Humans can’t handle that much vitamin A. The critically endangered Kakapo bird has a strong, pleasant, musty odour which allows predators to easily locate it. Hence, it is critically endangered. A full head of human hair is strong enough to support 12 tons. The national ...

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