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Origin of Kashmiri House Boat and some other origins

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR I first came to know the interesting story a couple of years back, the story of how Kashmir got its famous houseboats. The interest however was triggered about the stories that I have heard about families in old times travelling to Tulamulla in doonga via the river route, taking days, sometimes braving waves. A House Boat on Dal Lake, year 2008 Here’s a pieced together ...

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Bill Gates makes 100 million investment to eliminate Alzheimer’s

JK NNI NEWS Reuters London: Billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is to invest $50 million in the Dementia Discovery Fund, a venture capital fund that brings together industry and government to seek treatments for the brain-wasting disease. The investment, a personal one and not part of Gates’ philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will be followed by another $50 million ...

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Lal Shahbaz Qalandar famous sufi saint

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR Usman Marwandi[1] (1177–19 February 1275), popularly known as Lal Shahbaz Qalandar (Sindhi: لعل شھباز قلندر‎), was a Sufiphilosopher-poet of present-day Afghanistan and Pakistan. He was called Lal (“ruby-colored”) after his usual red attire and Shahbaz to denote a noble and divine spirit and Qalandar as he was a wandering holy man. Life Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, son of Ibrahim Kabeeruddin,[2] was born in Marwand. His ancestors had migrated from Baghdad and settled in Mashhad, before ...

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Fossil of ‘our earliest ancestors’ found in Dorset

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR Fossils of the oldest-known ancestors of most living mammals, including human beings, have been unearthed in southern England. Teeth belonging to the extinct shrew-like creatures, which scampered at the feet of dinosaurs, were discovered in cliffs on the Dorset coast. Scientists who identified the specimens say they are the earliest undisputed fossils of mammals belonging ...

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2017 ‘very likely’ in top three warmest years on record

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR The year 2017 is “very likely” to be in the top three warmest years on record, according to provisional figures from the World Meteorological Organization. The WMO says it will likely be the hottest year in the absence of the El Niño phenomenon. The scientists argue that the long-term trend of warming driven by human ...

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Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom Kashmiri (R.A)

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR Sultan-Ul-Arifeen  Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom Kashmiri (R.A)   One of the most sacred shrines in Kashmir is the shrine of Makhdoom Sahib (R.A) which is located on the southern side of Hari Parbat Hill (Kohi Maran) in Srinagar city. The mosque, built in the name of the Sufi saint Makhdoom Sahib or Hazrat Sultan-Ul- Arifeen (R.A), ...

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2017 Ozone Hole is the Smallest Since 1988

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR Source: Katy Mersmann, NASA’s Earth Science News Team This year’s ozone hole was similar in area to the hole in 1988, about 1 million miles smaller than in 2016. Although scientists predict the ozone hole will continue to shrink, this year’s smaller ozone hole had more to do with weather conditions than human intervention. Credits: ...

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New Smartphone App Can Tell When Parts on Your Car Need Replacing

JK NNI NEWS RAFIA BASHIR Source: David L. Chandler, MIT News Imagine hopping into a ride-share car, glancing at your smartphone, and telling the driver that the car’s left front tire needs air, its air filter should be replaced next week, and its engine needs two new spark plugs. Within the next year or two, people may be able to ...

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