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Sunil Dimple threatens to call for “jammu band” if the Governor rule not imposed in J&K state and FIR, against the Major Aditya not dropped


Shakir Kuchay

Dimple demands ammunition search combing operation in and around Jammu city.

Pakistan terrorists getting shelter of locals in Jammu. Dimple

Sunil Dimple president jammu west assembly movement led a massive protest rally on the janipur high court road against the BJP-PDP state Govt total failure, for the withdrawal of the FIR against the major Aditya, the names registered in the FIR of the army, Fidayeen attack by JEM on Sunjawan army camp, security forces who are fighting for the nation in Kashmir.

Protestors disrupted vehicular traffic for some time to express resentment anguish on the FIR registered, Fidayyen attack and in support of the Indian army Jawans, Indian forces fighting war with Pakistan on LOC, with separatists, ISI agents, the stone pelters in kashmir.

The of the BJP-PDP govt, the separatist’s, Pakistan, effigies and flags burnt against the cease fire violation on LOC and terrorism in the state.

Addressing the protestors Sunil Dimple demanded to withdraw the FIR against the major Aditya and other army jawans.

He strongly criticized the chief minister Mahbooba Mufti and the BJP-PDP govt for registering the names in FIR, cases against the army major Aditya and Jawans, fighting against the terrorism in the Kashmir valley with the Pakistan ISI agents, stone pelters, in Kashmir valley.

He alleged the six army jawans martyred and many injured in fidyeen attacks by JEM in Jammu has reached in third day operation. The chief minister Mahbooba Mufti proved a failure chief minister and she ruined and put the whole state on fire.

Dimple said the Jammu is not safe now, he demanded DG police to start the search combing operation of the ammunition of the adjoining, periphery localities of jammu and in city also.

He said the terrorists as per security reports are getting shelter from the locals also and particularly from the bangla deshies and rohangies.

Sunil Dimple threatens to call for “jammu band” to root out the BJP-PDP Govt , imposition of the governor rule and if the FIR, against the army men not with drawn.

He alleged the ten thousand stone pelters released their FIRs, cases dropped, they again joined militancy and Mahbooba Mufti registered FIR against the army major Aditya and on army jawans.

He said the fidayeen attack on the army camp sunjawan is an eye opener attack that the jammu is also not safe now.

Dimple alleged that the jammu Kashmir state is burning, the BJP, PDP both parties have set the state on fire and the PM Modi is mum.

He said this attack proved that the central and the state BJP-PDP govts both have completely failed to control terrorism in the state.

He demanded and said that the only option left now to save the jammu Kashmir state is to dissolve the assembly and this BJP-PDP govt, imposed governor rule to save the jammu Kashmir state.

He said the situation has gone out of the hands of the all political parties and all the political parties are playing politics on the present situation and only dissolving of the state assembly, imposing the governor rule for one year at least is the last option left with Union Govt to save the state.

Dimple coming down heavily on the Azadi remarks in both the houses by the Kashmir political leaders is a alarming bell that the state is going out of hands, if appropriate stringent action not taken against such politicians.

He said the BJP should immediately break alliance with PDP.

He said difference voices of the BJP, PDP leaders has confused the people of the state and has given fresh birth to militancy, terrorism and pak activities in the state.

Dimple alleged the speeches of the chief minister Mahbooba Mufti are weakening the jammu Kashmir relations with India and is provoking militancy, separatists and anti india activities in the state.

He said such leaders, legislators who raise Azadi Remarks in the assembly, the FIR, the sedition charges should be registered against them.

Sunil Dimple said our people are being killed on the LOC villages by the Pakistan ceasefire violations, firing, bombarding, mortars shelling on the LOC, he demanded PM to start war with Pakistan.

Dimple asked the chief Minister Mahbooba Mufti that she should resign as she failed to control law and order situation in the state and every day our jawans are being martyred on the LOC and in kashmir.

The prominent protestors are Dr sham Saroop, Ram Kapoor, Harbans Tondon, Chaman Pawar, Vijay Khjuria, Kulwant Sharma, Ashok Khana, Thodu Ram, Dev Raj, Rakesh, Babu, Vicky and many others

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