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No cub reporter: Meet the 11-year-old US journalist who runs her own newspaper



Hilde Kate Lysiak knows how to chase a story. She does her ground work, sticks to facts. After the reporting is done, she records videos and produces the monthly edition of Orange Street News.

Hilde is 11 years old and lives in the town of Selinsgrove in Pennsylvania, United States. Hilde’s first brush with journalism was when her father, Matthew Lysiak, an author and former New York Daily News journalist, took her around on his reporting assignments.

“I used to follow him all around the country, but when he stopped reporting, I didn’t want to give it up so I decided to start my own newspaper. That is how I started the Orange Street News (OSN),” Hilde told Hindustan Times in an email interview about her two-year-old newspaper.

Every OSN edition has seven or eight stories, plus an original fictional short story — all reported and written by Hilde. Matthew used to help with the editing, but now chips in only with layout and to “occasionally tease me about using too many explanation points”. Hilde’s older sister Izzy, 14, is the paper’s only other employee and helps with videos and managing the newspaper’s website.

“My parents are great, but the best thing they’ve done is to get out of the way,” says Hilde.

Hilde’s parents let her to ride her bicycle around town to chase leads. When she began working on her paper, they allowed Hilde to be home-schooled. “Now I have more time to follow leads and report the news,” she says.

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